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TiPS (UK) newsletter- May 2008

Leanne Cummins has brought together a hand-picked team of contributors (professional and lay people) to provide parents with a comprehensive preparation for parenthood.

I must praise all the presenters for their clear and genuine presentation skills which ensure these DVDs are so much more than just a training tool. It is obvious from the comprehensive subject matter and attention to detail just how much thought went into each segment.

The three DVDs could not fail to impress any new parent looking for honest realistic commonsense advice to guide them from pregnancy to parenthood. The use of personal accounts to highlight certain issues is compelling. This can be tricky when covering subject matter that has the potential to be ‘dry’, whereas, in this case the opposite becomes true. These generous individuals bring life to each new segment and the viewer is left in no doubt about the relevance of each person’s advice.

Not only was the information accurate and evidence-based, it was presented with genuine concern for the new parent which must be highly commended.

I particularly liked the holistic approach to care during pregnancy which runs through the whole DVD. This is in contrast to the more medical model of care that, too often, sees pregnancy as a ‘problem’ waiting to happen!

The lovely idea to include ‘out-takes’ at the end of each DVD is a delightful touch, reinforcing the informal approach. You can also skip from one section to another which means you can dip into the advice as and when you need to. This puts the viewer in control being both useful and time-efficient.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this set of DVDs to new parents who, for whatever reason, cannot attend or do not live close enough to a unit where antenatal classes are offered.

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