After baby (care of mum) is a great resource for after baby is born - watch it now and then again whenever you need it!


Postnatal Depression

  • Lyn talks about Postnatal Depression - see the extract of her interview from DVD 3
  • Melinda McKeown Counselling - for the treatment & recovery of anxiety and its associated disorders in the Illawarra region. Melinda's 'Little Book of Hope' also available on-line.
  • Beyond Blue - Our mission is to provide a national focus and community leadership to increase the capacity of the broader Australian community to prevent depression and respond effectively to it.  beyondblue info line 1300 22 4636
  • Depression factsheets - & downloadable PND booklet from Qld Women's Health.


Drugs/ Medication information while breastfeeding:

    • call Mothersafe - 1800 647 848 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm (excl. public holidays)

Baby wearing:



Introducing Solids:

Looking after your pelvic floor

Health Services - where to get more help

    Video Archive - after birth

    The videos listed on the right are a combination of new videos (not seen on the DVDs), or a shortened version from the DVD series.

    Take your time to look around, there is a lot of information here!


    Extracts from Birthing Sense DVD series -

    • Introducing baby to your pet - Our veterinary nurse (DVD 3 - baby) discusses some strategies for introducing your pets to your new baby to avoid jealousy issues. More about Kay.
    • Look after your pelvic floor- Women's health physiotherapist, Liz, features on DVD 1 (pregnancy) and DVD 2 (birth). Incontinence after you have a baby is common, so Liz gives us some suggestions to prevent or improve incontinence. See Newsletter
    • Postnatal Depression - Lyn (DVD 3- baby) has a lot of experience counselling women with postnatal depression (PND). In this shortened extract from our 3rd DVD, Lyn discusses how to notice and avoid PND. Post-Natal Depression is treatable! See Newsletter
    • Twins - What to expect from a multiple birth is an extract of a parent interview from DVD 3 (baby). Two mother's of twins discuss how they coped, and what helped them through the early days. See Newsletter

    NEW videos - extra information for you - not included in our DVDs -

    • Baby Wearing - Kate discusses how to wear a baby sling on DVD 3 (baby) of our Birth Education Series. She covers slings, wraps and pouches. This video is new- a brief outline of why you would wear your baby. See Newsletter
    • Choosing Healthy Foods for babies - following 'How to introduce family foods' on DVD 3 (baby), we interviewed a healthy food expert to see how we choose the right foods to get the nutrients into our diet (and to our baby). See Newsletter
    • How to avoid flat-head (plagiocephaly)- physiotherapist, Liz gives us a couple of strategies to help avoid 'flat head' on our babies. See Newsletter
    • When would you see a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)- Breastfeeding experts are known as Lactation Consultants and they have International Certification (IBCLC). Our breastfeeding information on all 3 of our DVDs is presented by a Lactation Consultant. You can also download a "How to Breastfeed" booklet written by Leanne here. In this new interview, we look at some reasons you might see an IBCLC. See Newsletter
    • De-stress face and head self massage - We have a massage therapist talk about pregnancy massage on DVD 1 (pregnancy), massage to help during birth (DVD 2-birth), and about baby massage (DVD 3-baby). This time, you can follow someone giving themselves a quick and easy self-massage to help to relax at any time. See Newsletter
    • Attitude of Gratitude - is something that is not related to birth, but is related to life. A gift from our counsellor Lyn, who is also our post-natal depression expert.


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