This DVD is so comprehensive with all the topics it covers. The information is up to date and after watching it I felt really empowered having learnt so much. What’s that saying!?! Knowledge is power!

I have recently attended antenatal classes in a public hospital and in my opinion this DVD is far more thorough in its information, topics and ideas.

After watching this DVD I felt really excited and actually looking forward to my impending birth. Previously I felt really scared a nervous. Watching Lisa’s birth was beautiful and moving, I got all teary when her daughter was born.

I highly recommend this DVD for expectant mothers and fathers. It really takes the mystery and fear out of childbirth.

Five stars *****


DVD 2 : Making Sense of your Birth


Your complete guide to how your body will labour and strategies for your partner to help during your vaginal or caesarian birth.

Birth Education Video Series

Birth Process - Vaginal birth

Leanne, Childbirth Educator, takes us through the birth process - the 3 stages of labour, and introduces strategies for you and your support people to use throughout your birth.

Many experts assist in describing how focus and relaxation help through your labour.

You also have the opportunity to practice positions for labour and birth- in the privacy of your own home!

Skin sensations, breathing and massage have long been used as a form of pain relief for the labouring woman. See what the experts (massage therapist, yoga instructor, breathing specialist, midwives) have to say about how to use various strategies to help you achieve the birth experience that you want.

There is a special segment by our Doula, Susan, just for support people- with some hands-on tools for assisting your labouring partner to birth.

Chemical methods of pain relief (drugs!) are also discussed, as well as describing what happens if interventions such as an induction of labour occur.

Lisa shares her birth plan and we watch her beautiful natural active labour and birth in a hospital setting.

Caesarian (Cesarian) Birth

(also known as "C-section" or C/S)

Midwife, Carolina discusses what to expect if you have a caesarian birth. Don't worry- it's not scary! We have used beautiful photographs to show you what might happen to you if you have a C/S.

One of our mothers, Amanda talks about her experience when she got to breastfeed her 3rd baby on the operating table, and how different that experience was from her previous Cesarian births.

Our physiotherapist, Liz will then talk about what precautions you may need to think about after your caesarian.

After your birth

No matter what type of birth you have, we have included some segments for everybody to think about:

There is a special segment by NSW Midwife of the year, Carolyn on what to expect from your 'just born' baby, and what they need from you.

Leanne (Lactation Consultant) gives some more information on breastfeeding, in particular the importance of that first breastfeed (information follows on from DVD 1).

Our GP, Saroja also talks with us about what to expect from your 6-week postnatal check up.

Physiotherapist, Liz discusses your pelvic floor, and exercises to help you return to normal after a caesarian or a natural birth.

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"Leanne has wonderful customer service and the DVD was shipped quickly." Shellie

Extra videos for you-

The videos listed on the right are a combination of new videos (not seen on the DVDs), or a shortened version from the DVD series.

Take your time to look around, there is a lot of information here!


Extracts from Birthing Sense DVD series -

  • Healthy Eating in Pregnancy - Amanda, our dietician discusses foods to avoid during pregnancy in DVD 1 (pregnancy) e.g. foods that may contain listeria (which may cause miscarriage). She also discusses what you need to eat to remain healthy while you are not feeling well (e.g. from morning sickness). See Newsletter
  • How to choose who looks after you during your pregnancy- In DVD 1 (pregnancy) we look at your options for choosing a carer once you are pregnant. We talk to an obstetrician, a GP, an independant midwife, a hospital midwife, and a doula. See Newsletter
  • Introducing baby to your pet - Our veterinary nurse (DVD 3 - baby) discusses some strategies for introducing your pets to your new baby to avoid jealousy issues. More about Kay.
  • Look after your pelvic floor- Women's health physiotherapist, Liz, features on DVD 1 (pregnancy) and DVD 2 (birth). Incontinence after you have a baby is common, so Liz gives us some suggestions to prevent or improve incontinence. See Newsletter
  • Postnatal Depression - Lyn (DVD 3- baby) has a lot of experience counselling women with postnatal depression (PND). In this shortened extract from our 3rd DVD, Lyn discusses how to notice and avoid PND. Post-Natal Depression is treatable! See Newsletter
  • Twins - What to expect from a multiple birth is an extract of a parent interview from DVD 3 (baby). Two mother's of twins discuss how they coped, and what helped them through the early days. See Newsletter

NEW videos - extra information for you - not included in our DVDs -

  • Baby Wearing - Kate discusses how to wear a baby sling on DVD 3 (baby) of our Birth Education Series. She covers slings, wraps and pouches. This video is new- a brief outline of why you would wear your baby. See Newsletter
  • Bellydance for birth - is a great way to exercise during pregnancy, and a great tool for birth. DVD 2 (birth) explains how birth happens, this is one strategy to use for your natural birth. See Newsletter
  • Choosing Healthy Foods for babies - following 'How to introduce family foods' on DVD 3 (baby), we interviewed a healthy food expert to see how we choose the right foods to get the nutrients into our diet (and to our baby). See Newsletter
  • How to avoid flat-head (plagiocephaly)- physiotherapist, Liz gives us a couple of strategies to help avoid 'flat head' on our babies. See Newsletter
  • How to turn a breech baby - A lot of babies who are breech (bottom first) are birthed/ delivered by Caesarian (cesarian) section today. Here are some quick tips to help your baby turn and (hopefully) achieve a natural birth from a yoga expert and an acupuncturist. See Newsletter
  • Premmy Babies - On DVD 3 (baby), we talk to a Clinical Nurse Specialist from a Nonatal Intensive Care Unit, to see what we might expect if our baby is born prematurely (early). This is a new interview from a mother of 2 premature babies- born around 32 weeks gestation. See Newsletter
  • Using a TENS machine- another birth strategy that is described in DVD 2 (birth). This new video tells us a lot more about TENS as a tool for a natural birth. See Newsletter
  • When would you see a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)- Breastfeeding experts are known as Lactation Consultants and they have International Certification (IBCLC). Our breastfeeding information on all 3 of our DVDs is presented by a Lactation Consultant. You can also download a "How to Breastfeed" booklet written by Leanne here. In this new interview, we look at some reasons you might see an IBCLC. See Newsletter
  • Why have a doula? - In our birth education series, we have a doula explaining many strategies for a natural birth on DVD 2 (birth). This is a new video from a parent who hired a doula (professional support person for birth) for her birth. See Newsletter
  • De-stress face and head self massage - We have a massage therapist talk about pregnancy massage on DVD 1 (pregnancy), massage to help during birth (DVD 2-birth), and about baby massage (DVD 3-baby). This time, you can follow someone giving themselves a quick and easy self-massage to help to relax at any time. See Newsletter
  • Attitude of Gratitude - is something that is not related to birth, but is related to life. A gift from our counsellor Lyn, who is also our post-natal depression expert.


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