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Maha Al Musa Bellydance for birth & world-first book:

"Dance of the Womb"

Through her classes, Maha presents "BellydanceforbirthTM" as a means for women to explore these most primal movements, drawing on her cultural heritage for its wisdom, healing and ancient knowledge. She weaves together the 'old world' with the 'new world' through the bellydance creating a joyful and uplifting experience for the mothers to be.

The smooth undulating movements of '"BellydanceforbirthTM" aid a woman's ability to deal with her labour in an opening rather than restrictive fashion. The soothing rocking motions of the circular and figure eight movements set the scene for a birthing woman to flow with the natural rhythms of her labouring body and become connected to Nature and the Universe.

Maha's book "Dance of the Womb" is a world-first. It is more than just a detailed instruction manual for exercise in pregnancy, it is also a beautifully crafted story of Maha's life interwoven with the details of each bellydance movement. The dance movements and their spiritual, emotional and physical application in turn serve to illustrate Maha's experiences on her journey from maiden to mother.

hardcopy of Maha's book available now

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