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Choosing healthy food AND Introducing it to your baby/toddler

Catherine Jefferies

Catherine is a mum who understands how difficult it can be to provide a healthy diet to your child with the demands we place on ourselves to be ‘good’ parents.  She has a hospitality background and was very happy to share information with us.  In fact, we got enough for 2 segments out of the one visit!

1. Introducing New Foods to your baby/toddler:

Catherine cooks a meal for the whole family while she talks about introducing healthy foods to your baby and hiding the food if toddlers wont eat it– and it was yummy! Catherine knows that feeding toddlers can be a challenge and believes that you are in charge of what your toddler eats.  So if you put healthy foods on their plate you are doing a great job!

2. Choosing Healthy Foods

Incorporating all of the essential nutrients in our diets can be a challenge.  In this segment, Catherine discusses the five food groups in detail - what they are and where we might find them.  She also discusses healthy ways to cook these foods in an 'easy to understand' way.

As a parent, it can be time consuming to provide these options, everyday. Time poor parents have the option of ordering online at Yummy Bubby also gives away a Yummy Bubby hamper each month, so register now for your chance to win. Good Luck!

Why is it so important to feed our babies and toddlers healthy food?

(from the Yummy Bubby website)

The human body completes its growth at age 22, so up until that time our bodies need essential nutrients for optimum growth, which are all accessible through healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Healthy food to an optimally functioning human is what the correct petrol is to a car that doesn’t break down. You wouldn’t put diesel into a car that runs on unleaded petrol, would you? If you did, your expectation would be that the car would not run so well and probably break-down, right? It’s exactly the same for the human body, especially in rapid growth periods.

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