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TENS machines are

NOT RECOMMENDED before 37weeks pregnancy

TENS is an electronic stimulation in your back during labour that works using the gate control theory of pain relief

In DVD 2 of the Birthing Sense series, Carolyn Hastie discusses skin sensations as a form of pain relief with reference to water injections.

In this interview with Heather, we discover how the Labour TENS (an advanced maternity TENS machine) can provide effective pain relief from the first contraction through birth and beyond as another form of skin sensation.  

Alison learns how the TENS machine works as a great pain management tool, what the TENS feels like, and whether it can be used with other methods of pain relief.

LabourTENS hires machines all over Australia.  If you feel a TENS machine might be one of your preferred methods of pain relief for your labour, contact Heather here:


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