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How to choose who looks after you in pregnancy

  • GP
  • obstetrician
  • midwife at home
  • midwife in hospital
  • doula 

how do we choose?
or should we let someone else choose for us? 

Everybody is different- we all like and want different things.  For our birth experience, some people need to have input into what will happen to them, and others are happy to hand themselves over and leave the worrying to someone else. 

In this short clip, find out what can be offered to you through your pregnancy by a GP, an obstetrician, an independent midwife, midwives based in our hospital system, and extra support you can receive from a doula. 

find out more about our presenters on the Birthing Sense DVDs:

  • Saroja, GP
  • David, obstetrician
  • Jane, independent midwife
  • Carolina, midwife
  • Susan, doula

Bring the professionals to your home 

Did you know? 

The World Health Organisation tells us that approximately 85% of women will be able to have a vaginal birth.

In 2004 the average national rate of caesarean section was 30.2% of mothers giving birth in hospitals, compared with 19.3% in 1995 (Aust College Midwives media release Wednesday, December 20, 2006)

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