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Looking after your pelvic floor muscles

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What is a pelvic floor?

Should I be concerned about it during pregnancy?


Your pelvic floor is a sling of muscles underneath your abdomen, that helps to hold the weight of your baby, the fluid around baby, and all of your organs inside your pelvis / abdomen.

In this interview, Liz explains how to do an effective pelvic floor exercise, both before and after you have had your baby.

Many women believe that if they have a C/S (caesarian section) birth, they have no need to worry about their pelvic floor- but they are quite mistaken.

Your pelvic floor holds a lot of weight through your pregnancy, and if it is not kept toned, you can suffer incontinence at any time - especially if you cough or sneeze.

Good bladder and bowel habits are important in the care of your pelvic floor, and Liz discusses these as well.

Every woman needs to hear what our women's health physiotherapist has to say!

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