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Benefits of wearing your baby & what to look for in a sling

Kate makes ring slings for WildSlings

In this interview, Kate discusses the advantages of wearing your baby no matter what age, and gives some resources for further information about baby slings.

In DVD 3 of the Birthing Sense series- making sense of babies, Kate shows what you should look for in a sling, to make the choice that will best suit you and your baby.

Advantages of wearing your baby in a sling for care-givers:

  • Anyone can do it
  • You have your hands free to do anything you need to while looking after baby
  • Baby's who are worn seem to cry less
  • Comfortable for baby & caregiver
  • Babies are happy when they are carried- they are close to you, they are stimulated and they are having their needs met
  • Many slings can fit babies from newborn size to toddlers
Advantages of being worn in a sling for baby:
  • Gentle introduction into the world- from womb to sling
  • Babies can be worn upright or cradled - every baby is different
  • Physically stimulated while being held
  • Emotionally satisfied/ stimulated- they're having their needs met while having social interaction
What do I look for in a sling?

There are many different slings available in stores and on-line - look for one that suits your needs (Kate discusses some of the differences between slings on the Birthing Sense DVDs)

  • One-shouldered slings (e.g. pouches, ring-slings)
  • Two-shouldered slings (e.g. mei-tai, various wraps)
  • Look for good shoulder support
  • Look for good back support
In DVD 3- Kate discuss different types of slings, and how to choose the sling that suits you

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