Hamlin Fistula Welfare & Research

We are lucky to be living in a country where regular antenatal visits mean that we are in good health and can give birth to our babies without significant complications.

Birthing Sense also supports the Hamlin Fistula Welfare & Research Group to train midwives to send into communities of less fortunate young women in Africa.

Days in obstructed labour can cause a hole or fistula to the birth passage, the bladder and sometimes the rectum. As a result, the woman leaks urine constantly and has an offensive odour. Her husband will leave her and her family and friends will avoid her.

The hospitals funded by this organisation help to repair the young women so that they can return to their communities, and/or be trained to help others to avoid this horrific circumstance.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Birthing sense wants to give you up-to-date, relevant information from real Australians about pregnancy, birth and early parenting (for mother, father & baby).

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is a volunteer organisation that exists to help YOU. 

Karen is one of many volunteer breastfeeding counsellors for ABA. She speaks on DVD3 (making sense of your baby) about how the Australian Breastfeeding Association can help to support you.

Since it began in 1964, over 120,000 people have been members of ABA and thousands more have used the telephone counselling services, literature and community education opportunities the association provides.  ABA is one of the largest non-profit self-help groups in Australia, and as such, Birthing Sense is contributing a percentage of it's sales to ABA.  

As at October 31st 2002, the Australian Breastfeeding Association had 1304 counsellors, 373 trainee counsellors, 355 groups and 11572 members (from ABA website)  

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