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Independent Midwife

Jane's book

Ten Moons

is all you need to know about preparation for natural birth

Jane covers yoga, meditation, letting go of your fears, healthy diet, tips for partners, healing herbs, amongst many others

A must have for $10!!

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Jane Hardwicke Collings

Independent Midwife, Author, Mother of Sam, Ellie and Jackson, stepmother to Ella.

Grandmother of Bentley. Married to Paul, lives in the country in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.  

Jane has been attending homebirths for over 22 years.

Jane leads Women’s, Mother’s and Maiden’s circles and teaches the wisdom of the cycles to high school girls and boys in her local town.

Jane with her husband Paul are founding members of the EarthDance community in the Southern Highlands that gathers to honour and celebrate the sabbats and conducting rites of passages for teens.

Jane facilitates seminars and 2 day workshops for women and high-school girls and boys and presents papers at relevant conferences.

“WOMEN’S MYSTERIES  - Crack the code through connection with the cycles” This 2-3 hour seminar will illuminate the connection between our menstrual cycle, the moon phases, our life seasons and the earth’s seasons, and how these shape our experience. Remembering this information and practicing it in rites of passage and in our daily lives, helps heal the wounded feminine of our time.

“MAIDEN MOONSONG” and “SUNSONG” full day experiential workshops for highschool girls and boys (separately) teaching the wisdom of the cycles. 

“MOONSONG – Reclaiming Feminine Power Through Reconnection with the Women’s Mysteries” teaching the wisdom of the cycles, the power of rites of passage, and the sacred nature of the menstrual cycle. A two day workshop.

“PREGNANCY – THE INNER JOURNEY” the best preparation for birth is a conscious pregnancy, spending time contemplating and updating your inner beliefs and attitudes, connecting with your baby inside you, hearing the voices feeling the feelings, seeing the visions all the while developing your natural mothering essence. A three day workshop.  

Jane writes for various publications and self-publishes three helpful tools for women all available on her website

  • The ‘how to chart your cycle handbook and journal’ titled “THIRTEEN MOONS – a woman’s guide to the four main cycles that influence her year”, and …

  • “SPINNING WHEELS – a woman’s oracle of truth” a unique and innovative tool allowing women to unravel why they feel the way they do as they see the influence of the Earth’s season, their life season, the moon phase and their menstrual cycle on any particular day.

  • “HERSTORY – knowing this will change the way you see things” - a look at the development of our current patriarchy and its influence on women.

  • “TEN MOONS – The Inner Journey of Pregnancy, Preparation For Natural Birth” 

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