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Lindsey Myles - Confident Birthing/ Hypnobirthing

Lindsey is a midwife and Lactation Consultant who has also studied Hypnobirthing/ Confident birthing. In DVD 1 of your private prenatal class, she discusses what an important tool hypnobirthing (trust & relaxation) can make to your birth experience.

Her own practice, based on the work of Dr Grantley Dick-Read and Marie Mongan has assisted many women and their families to have a better birthing experience, particularly after a less than 'ideal' first experience.

Lindsey is well known in the Illawarra for her work with women who have had a less than positive first birth experience. She knows too well the importance of breaking through your fears surrounding birth and trusting in your body's ability to labour.

Lindsey also talks you through a short relaxation practice that you can do every day at the end of the DVD.

(Ref: "Hypnotherapy Scripts" by Ronald A. Havens)

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