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Twins- Susan & Louise


Grandparent- Bev

Single Parent- Jodie

Gestational Diabetes- Claudia

Using a Doula for birth - Lisa

Expressing milk for your baby - Sarah

Changes in pregnancy

Antenatal appointment

Fitting a maternity bra

Having a baby in a Neonatal Unit

Postnatal Check

Physiotherapist- back pain in pregnancy

Meet Our Parents

Many parents have helped to make the Birthing Sense DVD series a 'real' & informative project.  They have given their time to help you make sense of your pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience. 

They give insights into their world during pregnancy and with their babies.  We follow them through appointments, and learn from their experiences.

DVD 1- Pregnancy

Our changes in Pregnancy segment shows pictures of many different women, and their individual experiences of pregnancy.

We follow Lisa to antenatal appointments, through a bra fitting, and in DVD 2 through the birth in hospital of her 4th child, Krystalyn. 

Lauren allows us to listen in on her visit to the physiotherapist, for back pain in pregnancy. 

Claudia tells of her experience with gestational diabetes (GDM), and is one of our star breastfeeders for these segments. 

Many thanks to our families & photographers for sharing your photos.

DVD 2- Birth

Deborah allows our Doula, Susan to talk about things her support people can do to help during her birth. 

A special thankyou to Lisa for allowing us to film her wonderful active birth in hospital. A must-see for anyone wanting a natural birth! Also to Niki for your many contributions to the Birthing Sense birth education DVD series, including your detailed pictures of your own Caesarian Birth.  Also to the families associated with Lois Wattis of Birth Journey for their waterbirth experiences.       

Sumedha is an Early Childhood Specialist who also talks to our families on DVD 3 about their experiences for you.  Ally & Fernando, Emma & Peter, and Susan & Louise talk freely about their experiences.

 Other parents that discuss their journey on DVD 3 are Jodie (parenting alone), Sarah (expressing her milk to feed her baby), Bev (grandparenting), Michelle (having a premature baby), Claudia (breastfeeding), and Dads for their experiences.

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