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We have just finished watching all of them (since this morning) and I must say that the information and content and areas you have covered together with the perspectives, experience, and personal contributions from your multi-faceted team is nothing short of sensational. By far the most informative resource we have experienced to date - published or live. So, good for you!

Brent & Meg

After a biased and very disappointing antenatal class with our hospital, we searched high and low for a practical guide on preparing for the baby. Being pragmatic people, we specifically wanted real strategies/positions for the labour that we could practice. Searching the internet for practical, reasonably priced DVDs that did not come bundled with a course in childbirth philosophy was an exercise in frustration to say the least. But, I must have eventually typed in the right search words, as I found myself at your website, staring at the answer to our problem!

While our focus was on the labour, your DVDs offered so much more, so we couldn't help but purchase the bundle (you never know what new info we might learn!). We have been so impressed with your product - it was everything we needed and hoped it would be - that we have told our Obstetrician and the baby shops about them.

Thank you for having the initiative and sense to put together something as informative, practical and real as your DVDs. While we cannot control our birth experiences, feeling prepared certainly took away a lot of our anxiety.

Cheryl & Darren

"Birthing Sense"provides pregnant women with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a satisfying birth in western society. Insight into the necessary 'know-how' to adequately deal with more complex births is also provided.

A unique feature of this DVD is the viewer meets many allied health professionals involved in birth and parenting 'face to face' - thus giving confidence to self-refer if need-be.

This invaluable educations resource is essential viewing for all women undergoing their first pregnancy, especially women living in remote rural areas and women whose working hours prohibit them from attending classes.

I'll certainly be lending my Birth Sense DVD to all my clients. It will provide endless opportunities for self-directed learning discussions and in the long-term a more empowering birth for the viewer.

Jan Robinson
Independent midwife practitioner, RN CM DipNEd, BchAppSc MMidwifery,
FACM (Fellow Australian College of Midwives)

I was searching the net looking for an alternative to going to antenatal classes and found your site. The DVD's sounded fantastic.

I am a registered nurse and was already well informed re childbirth etc and I work full time shift work but I needed something that both my partner and I could educate ourselves when we were both free at the same time even if it was only for 10 minutes at a time. Your DVD's will suit us perfectly letting us review and learn at our own pace and in our own timing.

Thanks for providing a fantastic service that really fits in with people's lifestyle today.



My daughter lives in Greece on an island and has no access to any appropriate ante natal care and is having her first baby. I am a midwife as well and really wanted to find something suitable for her and just went searching the net and thankfully found your site.
Thank you


These DVD's were a fantastic source of current information and the pictures, personal stories and testimonies were great. The information was very useful and up to date and a great resource for any parent, grandparents and any family member or friends whose sharing the pregnancy journey and raising of the children.

I especially love the c-section pics, as in my antenatal class with my first child 10yrs ago the main focus was natural deliveries and very little info or pics to share the experience of a caesarean birth, many of us in that group ended up with c-sections due to different medical reasons and I found the experience daunting as I didn't know what to expect, what the procedure endured and the after care of such a major operation, emotionally and physically factors etc.

The pics and information provided in these DVD's really give some great insight into the whole procedure and is very useful.

I recommend these DVD's to anyone and think they would also make great gifts for expecting families.

Niki, Goulburn NSW

This DVD is so comprehensive with all the topics it covers. The information is up to date and after watching it I felt really empowered having learnt so much. What's that saying!?! Knowledge is power!

I have recently attended antenatal classes in a public hospital and in my opinion this DVD is far more thorough in its information, topics and ideas.

After watching this DVD I felt really excited and actually looking forward to my impending birth. Previously I felt really scared a nervous. Watching Lisa's birth was beautiful and moving, I got all teary when her daughter was born.

I highly recommend this DVD for expectant mothers and fathers. It really takes the mystery and fear out of childbirth. Five stars *****


These DVDs have been needed for so long. It is great to have different professionals giving the information rather than the one midwife sitting in front of the class for the whole time.

Lyn, Wollongong, NSW

I had the opportunity of viewing this 3 DVD series in my 8th month of pregnancy- boy would it have been great to watch it earlier!

It concisely bought together and unscrambled all the information I had pieced together over the past months. It was a great review of what I had been through with the pregnancy and the adventures ahead with birth and what to expect afterwards.

It was down to earth, non-judgmental and gave me a complete perspective of what is going on and what is about to happen without 'scaring' me.

The use of different experts, real life stories, visuals and opinions gave me a 'holistic smorgasbord' of information to choose from without overloading.

Everything was covered, even things I hadn't thought about. It was easy to follow, educational and entertaining- I watched the series nearly the whole way through with only 'toilet' breaks!

What a great tool I now have on standby to refer to and share with my husband about his role.

Thank you Birthing Sense for making sense!

Katherine, Sydney NSW

We recently completed our birth classes at hospital, and while they were informative and interesting, almost every video was not Australian.

I liked that I could skip to parts that interested me and I'm sure that will be useful when I want to revisit parts in the future. I know that friends of mine who have had their 2nd or 3rd children have said it would be handy to have a refresher before going into labour again.

Claire, Dapto NSW

The best thing about having a DVD in your own home is that you can watch it again, watch it together, and be on the same page about what's going to happen. I also think that its hard enough to get people i.e. (some fellas) to read the books, but watching it on DVD is much more accessible.

I think it answered a lot of questions, but also I think because this is the first time, I wasn't always sure what questions I needed to ask. I like the drawings too.

Claudia, Chinchilla Qld

Your series gave me all of the information I needed to make informed decisions regarding my birth choices- and so convenient - right in my own lounge room when I had the time to watch. Thankyou so much for making these!

Sally, Brisbane Qld

so many professionals
balanced information
watch at own pace
watch in comfort of home

I have referred my pregnant friends to them already [I] Thanks! [/I]

Kathryn, Wollongong

I took some time this morning while bubba was sleeping to have a look at the DVD.

Content wise it was so much better than the classes I attended. The information was more useful and easier to understand. The information on breastfeeding in particular was more .

The "dad" stuff was great as there was very little mention of this in our classes and it seemed a bit like dad was a support person and that was it - there was no acknowledgement of dad as a part of the experience so having Coran on it was great.

It was much more informative regarding the birthing phases and options as well. We had no demonstrations or "practice" of positions for birthing or anything practical in any area for that matter so this was heaps better. All was received was paper information on relaxation etc so having a demo was great.

Rebecca, Bowral, NSW

I've just finished watching the DVD's. What a fantastic job you've done! Very professional but casual and the infomation is clearly delivered.

As a mum and as a midwife I would recommend it to other first time mums. Some people have a particular book as their bible that they keep referring to, I think this could take that place for many!
In particular, I love the emphasis on breastfeeding. I felt it subtly from the start to the end, and Lisa's birth is beautiful footage.

You've inspired me and I'm already planning my next birth!

Louise, Figtree NSW

I am a newlywed thinking about having children in the next few years. Having very little knowledge about pregnancy, child birth and post-child birth experiences, I found the Birthing Sense DVDs extremely helpful and informative. I appreciated the frankness, sensitivity and simplicity with which the information was presented. I would recommend any person in my position who is planning to have children to watch these DVDs."

Lina, Sydney, NSW.

I thought the package all round was very good, you've tackled so much - really tried to cover everything which is a mammoth effort, well done. I thought the content was great and the info well researched.

Suzi, midwife, Nthn NSW

This is a wonderful resource for all prospective parents (and even parents who have "been there and done that"). As the series covers more topics than the regular hospital based classes, this is a great option to use in addition to hospital ante-natal classes or as an alternative and particularly for people living in isolated areas.

Having a personal copy, allows segments to be revisited as required and watched at your own pace. This information could be just what you need to ensure a wonderful experience in pregnancy, birth and those early weeks. The Birthing Sense series really is essential viewing.

The DVD covers all aspects of pregnancy in a simple, yet informative manner. It gives non-biased information on choice of caregivers to provide viewers with a knowledge of the options available to them.

It goes on to clearly explain many important aspects of pregnancy such as a discussion on the tests available, diet, exercise, use of herbs, breastfeeding and a very informative segment on fitting maternity bras. Diagrams and a model of the pelvic bone structure are cleverly used to enhance the information provided.

The DVD contains essential information to support and encourage natural, active birth. Homebirth, waterbirth and use of a doula are covered as well as yoga and hypnobirthing, both of which I have personally used successfully.

My partner watched the DVD with me and we both found it to be informative and comprehensive, yet simple and easy to watch. The segments are short and succinct giving just the right amount of information without allowing the viewer to become overwhelmed or bored.

The DVD ends beautifully with a relaxation exercise.

This is a DVD that I would thoroughly recommend to any prospective parent, I will absolutely visit this site again and recommend it to friends and family.


DVD 3 was fantastic. It was very easy to follow and the presenters in the DVD were easy to relate to and were very knowledgeable.

It takes you through all the steps of bringing your baby home, such as car restraints, hiring baby equipment, baby massage and feeding.

It also had very handy sections on reflux, teething and starting solids. I felt that all subjects on the DVD were covered very well and gave me great information, which would be especially beneficial for first time parents.

I think the 3 DVD's, (Pregnancy, Birth and Baby) are a fantastic idea. Very well suited to all parents, especially those expecting for the first time and are unable to get to antenatal classes, and also for parents who haven't had a baby in a number of years.

I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD and so did my husband.


I have just recieved the dvds and am looking forward to watching them with my partner. As we have minimal funds and couldn't afford the full pre natal classes i did a search on the internet hoping that i would find someone who had developed a program on dvd. And that's how i found out about your fantastic dvds :).

 Thank you so much!!

Aleesa, Ultimo, NSW

The DVD's arrived and I have watched them all.  I am impressed with how comprehensive they are - Well done!  I actually bought them for my daughter who is expecting her first baby at the end of May.  She is having midwifery care in Melbourne and plans to attend a weekend antenatal course but wants to be sure she is well prepared.  I will be with her, of course, but the DVD's cover many issues her to consider and discuss with her partner and her midwives in the meantime.  Kind regards, Lois


Thank you.  I am actually living in china and needed something like this as I am due in August so my parents will send them over to me.   China doesn't have adequate facilities for this kind of thing so I am relying on the DVD's! ha ha. Carlene

I was just looking on the internet for dvds that my husband can watch instead of having so try and fit in classes around him (he's in the army and its hard to know when he's out on a course) and these seemed to be the best i could find. Thank you so much Sam 

So far the DVD's have made me feel allot more confident, I just have to wait on doctors appointments and scans on Wednesday as the Baby seems to be Transverse - so could mean an early C section for me, not exactly what I had planned but as long as the bub is healthy. Sarah

Thanks for your email. My husband Matthew and I found your wesbite last night while searching online for childbirth classes on DVD. We initially booked into childbirth classes a while ago but unfortunately the teacher had to cancel them. So I'd been searching for local classess to start asap but I was told they prefer you to start these classes a lot earlier than 34 weeks & also the time & days available were just not suitable for either of us to attend. I'm thrilled to have found your website and we are really looking forward to watching and learning all we can from your DVD's & cant wait to meet our first little boy next month. Thanks again Elise

I recently purchased the birthing sense DVDs. I must thank you for the quality and informative information that was presented. My husband also watched certain parts with me. In no way do I feel the need to attend antenatal classes. I have questions I can ask my doctor, and it was nice having real people tell you how it is. I will definately be recommending it to other mums and dads to be. Thank you again. Linda

My husband and l were too late to book into any antenatal classes supported by the public hospital we are using. l was offered week night classes but as l work full time, l have no energy at night to go out.

So we googled antenatal dvd's and yours came up within the first few lines. We especially felt confident when seeing your mini video and the WIN news video.

Incidentally the cost of your DVD versus attending the weekend classes (2 Sat afternoons) was cheaper. The two Saturdays was $120 and if we chose the week night classes, we would have been up for slightly more. Cheers Maddy

I watched DVD 1, & most of 2 at the Royal Womans Hospital in Melbourne. I borrowed the DVD2 to show my partner WHY I don't want drugs, so we're on the same page & it cracked/was cracked coming out of the case.SO I googled you guys on the internet to make this acquisition.

The footage (old video) the VBAC ed lady sent me home with, showing x5 examples of births, was terrible. Very interventionist births, depressing. So I was delighted that the same education centre offered your wonderful comprehensive DVD series (although there is quite a wait to borrow each individually).

Tired & due, I'm rambling. The 3 DVD series is a fantastic resource. Thankyou for making it & the information it holds available. Hard to get a partner to READ, but much easier to present info. in DVD for him to review. Much appreciated, Milica

After missing out on being able to book our prenatal sessions we were a little concerned that we would miss out. We were also having trouble finding time and the $300+ for the classes, so we decided to google "pre-natal DVD's". After reading your site and watching the youtube vids we decided to go ahead. Your product sounded EXACTLY what we were after! I cannot believe in this day and age that this type of thing isnt more readily available to prospective parents, so hats off to you for getting in there and doing it for people like us!!

I will be doing my best to recommend this to others, as I have a number of friends in the same situation.

Many thanks, Andrew

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